All About Us

We were just two best friends with a shared love of all things weird. And now we’ve made our eclectic interests into a podcast about hauntings, true crime, social influencers, activists, and everything in between. Research is fun for us, and we thoroughly enjoy mixing up a few drinks and bantering about our topics.


Alyssa Mae Clater


Hi! I’m Alyssa, a twenty-something from Kentucky obsessed with my dog and all things music. I’m honestly not that exciting, but I do enjoy learning about exciting things like true crime and conspiracy theories. I have been known to do amateur paranormal investigations at times, usually dragging my friend Kim along for the ride. She’s not amused and searches my car for a Ouija board before we leave to throw it out. If you want to know more, listen to the pod!

Kim(possible) Otis


Heeelllllooooo! *Mrs. Doubtfire voice* I’m Kimpossible, the other half of our podcasting duo. I love all things paranormal and odd, and find myself diving down the rabbit hole of any given conspiracy at least once a day. I’m usually running after one of my 3 kids or my 6 (yes, 6) dogs the rest of the time. I love learning for the sake of learning, so this new hobby of ours is going to give me an excuse to read even more!!! If you want to know more, listen to the pod! (I’m the super loud, obnoxious one)

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