Episode 8

Caligula and Nero VS J.K. Rowling

Episode 8 brings on double the trouble as Kim tells of an epic poem of two dastardly Roman Emperors: Caligula and Nero and their super frat boy tendencies (one of them may or may not resemble Brock Turner). There are also mentions of a scary rash, and plenty of Game of Thrones spoilers. Afterward, Alyssa brings a bit of magic to the episode when she tells the life story of the amazing J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter was not the only amazing thing she has done for this planet, which lands her on our Saints list. Grab a butterbeer and prepare to be mystified.

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Pictures From the Episode

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Recommended Reading

Caligula and Nero: Rome’s Worst Emperors (2017) by Charles Rivers Editors

Recommended Watching

Caligula: 1400 Days of Terror (2012)

Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story (2011)

Mix Along Menu

The Fall of Rome

2 parts dry vermouth
1 part brandy
1 dash sherry
1 dash Rose’s® lime juice
orange juice

The Ravenclaw House
1 oz blueberry vodka
2 oz tonic water (we used Sprite, because yum)
Top with 4 blueberries


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