Episode 12

Vlad the Impaler VS Alexander Fleming

What does 15th Century Transylvania and modern vehicle models have in common? Absolutely nothing, but the girls somehow figure out a way to incorporate them into this episode. Kim tells us the painfully fascinating story of Vlad the Impaler: a bloodthirsty ruler that bore the nickname, Dracula. Then, Alyssa gets her nerd on and discusses Alexander Fleming: The man who discovered penicillin and modernized healthcare for years to come.

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Pictures From the Episode

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Recommended Reading

Dracula: The Prince of Many Faces (1990) by Radu Florescu

Penicillin Man: Alexander Fleming and the Antibiotic Revolution (2005) by Kevin Brown

Recommended Watching

In Search of Dracula (1975)

Mix Along Menu

Kim’s Vampire Creation

Red Powerade Zero

Blood orange Vodka


(If anyone wants to spring for actual Tru Blood soda, feel free. I wasn’t paying 400 bucks for that)


Gin and Tonic

2 oz gin

1-3 lime wedges

3-4 oz tonic water


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